Safety over everything

The planet earth is doggedly designed to withstand forces of different kind, but they’re limit to everything. Man had been unkind to our mother earth; pushing her to react in protest to negative effects resulting from activities melted against her. The reaction that originated from our actions and inactions had caused us uncountable losses of lives and valuables.  All efforts to restrict natures anger is been resisted in vengeance by different forces like tsunami, hurricane, earthquakes, wild fire and many more.

We might be late but starting to retrace our steps is the best we can do to safe the remains of this earth. We have but this world and protecting it wouldn’t be an option but the only option. What is left of us? And What is it we can do to safeguard our world? Safety is a lifeline towards protecting our world.

The most beautiful things of life deserves protection. If we must make progress let’s avoid disaster, appreciate life by protecting it with safety.

It’s been unfortunate noticing that most communities undermine the place of safety thereby endangering lives and valuables. We appreciate all humanitarian bodies across the world rendering rescue services, great job people but we could do more in avoiding catastrophic losses.

Let’s encourage more of safety awareness, create safety campaign organizations. Let Community safety service stations be closer and safety being made mandatory or basic studies in schools.

The life we live, the world we live in and all we live for depends on safety for survival, to keep on ignoring safety would mean undermining our primary duty as human. We might have done lot’s of damages in ignorance but a deliberate and collective efforts will go very far towards salvaging our world.

It’s my duty, your duty and our duty to think, act and project safety everyday in every endeavor. We need but positive impact in saving the next generation, this our chance to rewriting all wrongs. We have but this single opportunity to live and aught to leave the world better with safety.

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