What have you been doing with your position?

The population of unemployed but qualified is growing and you have a job and position to protect. 

download3deada78_u-Need-a-Handwriting-Analyst-or-a-Computer-Forensics-AnalystThe best of this time with little or no attitude must situp or be replaced by the unemployed with burning desires to deliver.  Being the headquarters of this cooperate world,  we have seen replacements and adjustments and all was about loosing and keeping position.

Your new designation is a Chance to prove points, let your days and moments of service be special.  Prove to your team and bosses you can do the job even more than they thought. A job well done attracts more,  don’t reject responsibilities ask for assistance if needed. Always give the best with a smiling face, don’t take stress take rest when needed.  Make marks that will remain even when you’re far gone,  it’s called legacy.  The best way to leave a position is to get higher ones,  be the best you would wish to be remembered for. If you can’t do it the best way refuse it from unset,  the worst that could happen to a professional is being unproductively retired.

Give your best or give out the position honorably.


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