Brainstorming with professionals

Base on personal experience, observation and conviction brainstorm and make commentary to educate the world on safety as it concerns  life and valuables.

-questionTIME with safety professionals

+Why do people still risk life and valuables to catastrophic hazards daily?

1) Pressure

2) Negligence

3) Ignorance

4) stress

5) none above

6) all above

7) 1,2,3&4download17894f81_storage_2fsdcard0_2fpictures_2ftwitter_2fimg_20160825_041118Be specific in your choice of answer because you will be awarded base on detail feedback from responses of critic’s and experts in prospect. We will evaluate and grade comments as professionals, Thanks.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daal says:

    Perhaps because people don’t like to think? People who react rather than act?

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  2. You’re right Daal, many are not proactive but reactive. As you know in every ACTION they is always equal and opposite REACTION, If we can run towards safety, we will all be protected… To refuse safety is to attract all that is dangerous, catastrophic and hazardous.


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