Being vigillant is being safe….

we keep watch because disaster is awake…. in the absence of safety valuables becomes vulnerable. downloade6dd14fe_storage_2fsdcard0_2fPictures_2fTwitter_2fIMG_20160617_145835You can’t be sure of safety until you plan for it, a place without safety is like a TIME BOMB waiting for a TIMELINE to terminate a LIFETIME. A proactive safety solutions is strategic, placing value on safety over every thing is a great way forward. IMG_20160513_111302_453It is very sad to us noticing that most people remember safety only during emergency, Lives and valuables are being lost on daily basis due to what we discribe as organized form of negligence.  we advocate for safety, be vigillant ….

We care about you and the safety of your facilities. consult with us Now!!!IMG_20160628_063935_2_2

Call: +2348185114111 or tweet us @seaworthyAFRICA


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