Active operations

We proposed to keep you and your valuables safe from hazards. we are safety professional solutions

How do you pay?

Those who refused to appreciate safety pay in pain… How stupid could a man be? You refuse to fix your car because your engine bill is high… 20$ and looses your arm and left leg after paying 5000$ to the hospital in pain?  

Don’t discard instructions

a tag could safe your life…. Most people ignore safety provided by professionals to assist their protection. Ignorance is not an excuse, had I know come last but those who keep to instructions will be saved. Don’t undermine any sign or signal on your way home, it could be your lifeline.

Timeline or lifetime?

YOU must be mindful of how you look at safety… If life had duplicate the careless driver will appreciate safety. We don’t blink because disaster is awake. A man mistake can destroy millions of lives and valuables… safety is a lifetime  contract. we consult to all whom safety may concern. Visit our blog for more info now!!!

Are you ensured?

Life insurance is not a reason to live carelessly…. being protected is a lifetime assurance. Your live matters to insurance firm, friends and family not #perishableRewards

What is safety?

Safety is protection which is life, living and being comfortable at all time. You can define it any how so long you project protection.

Hope you are safe?

Were ever you are always be sure of safety… If you must proceed do so with safety in mind. The only way should be safety way and that is the route all life and valuables should go… We needs you safe. Consult with us now!!! +2348185114111 or tweet us @seaworthyAFRICA

Build a safety generation

This generation knows little about safety and this is why the value of life and properties is low. We safety professionals are here to bridge the gap and fill the space against ignorance. Do you know that man and his environments is consciously or unconsciously safe? We live because we are safe even when we…

Be safety conscious!

Safety is security and having it is insurance… We encourage you to consider safety first of everything. Choosing safety first will keep you safe but to ignore is to endanger life and properties. Be wise!!!life is your greatest asset and safety is the only hope for it’s preservation. You must have both to make a…